My SexyFAB Pic of the Day…Live from The Style Exhibit

17 Dec

These faux snake-skin multicolored platform heels could complete any outfit. The ankle strap adds a touch a flare. Don’t forget to apply a fresh coat of polish as these shoes will draw attention to your toes!

Stay SexyFAB!


My SexyFAB Pic of the Day

26 Nov

I never really liked Louis Vuitton bags because there are so many replicas floating around until I saw this monogram sequined bag. It doesn’t leave the question, “Is that real?” because the intricate details are so time-consuming to duplicate that very few attempt it.

This bag could go with so many different outfits that its worth the investment.


Louis Vuitton Fleur De Jais Speedy 30 Bag





My SexyFAB Pic of the Day

25 Nov

Pumpkin Spice Nail Polish


I decided to have my nails painted in this Pumpkin Spice nail polish in observance of Thanksgiving.


My SexyFAB Pic of the Day

24 Nov

This is an old school picture of Rihanna when she initially launched her perfume Reb’l Fleur. It has always stood out in my mind. This look is fun and flirty.

What do you think?

My SexyFAB Pic of the Day

23 Nov

Yep…the devil wears Prada.

The elaborate designs were inspired by the Baroque styles of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

This unique and elegant style definitely deserves My SexyFAB pic of the day!

Would love to know what you think….


My SexyFAB Pic of the Day

21 Nov

I am totally in love with these shoes that Nicki Minaj wore at the American Music Awards. Actually, I’m in love with her complete outfit.

Take a closer look at the Alexander McQueen Armour Wedge Sandals.

SexyFAB aren’t they?

You gotta have a good head (or hat) on your shoulders!

20 Nov

Hey y’all!!!

I recently bought a military hat that I’m so excited to wear! It’s made of 100% wool so it will be perfect for the winter.

Military hats are soft with a firm, rounded visor, and a flat crown. They are sometimes called Fidel cap, patrol cap, and field cap depending on your location. Military hats can be found in different colors but my personal preference is green.

Take a look at it and tell me your thoughts!

Here is Rihanna rocking the military hat effortlessly…