Hot Trends for Spring/Summer 2011

11 Mar

Dear Readers,

As Winter is drawing to a close (Thank God!), many of us are looking forward to packing away the jackets, scarves, and gloves and heading to the mall to buy the latest Spring/Summer outfits. I have compiled a few of the must have trends for 2011.

High Waisted Wide-leg Pants

The 70’s are coming back with a vengeance. This is just one of the items from that era which is making its way back into our closets. The top should be neatly tucked into the pants to highlight the waist. Floppy hats, chunky heeled shoes are also a must have.






The jumpsuit fashion trend offers the best example of comfy and chic. I recently purchased this jumpsuit online. It’s a blue (one of my favorite colors for the season) high-waisted wide leg jumpsuit.

Maxi Skirts

This is the most dramatic trend for Spring/Summer. This look is very easy to pull of since its flattering for most body types and needs very little accessories.

Fit and Flare Dresses

The A-line skirt silhouette has made a come back thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama. This is the perfect dress to give you the illusion of a small waste. This trend will come in styles from party dresses to work-ready to wear outfits.



Dolman Sleeves

Lately, blouses have been gravitating towards fuller, boxier, cropped cuts. The typical blouse is out the door. Below are two examples of these latest trends, dolman sleeves and a lace cropped top.


Cobalt Jackets

I recently bought this jacket in the most popular color of the Spring/Summer, cobalt. I plan on wearing in with a grey/black color combination.




Thin Belts

Belts represent the perfect way to add color to any outfit and to emphasize certain parts of the body. Traditionally belts were used to highlight the waistline but nowadays they can be worn just below the bust line or low on the hip. This season belts are thin and fine and worn with a modern twist. I absolutely love this new trend. It completes any sexyfab ensemble.


Try bold horizontal stripes in vibrant colors such as green, orange or yellow. For dresses with wide horizontal stripes, ensure that the size of the stripes vary so that you wont end up looking like a convicted felon. Opt for striped dresses in loose flowing fabrics for a summery look.



Mixed Prints and Colorblocking

These are rather tricky topics and require a high level of confidence to pull off therefore I will explain in-depth in my next blog posting.

As we say good-bye to Winter, I hope that your next shopping trip will be made easier with these sexyfab Spring/Summer trends. Happy shopping!!!!


One Response to “Hot Trends for Spring/Summer 2011”

  1. natasha J March 12, 2011 at 12:07 am #

    Hi charls

    Nice work.. I love the outfits and you gave some great tips. I need to redo my wardrobe, i’m not a lover of heels but i need to invest in some sexy comfortable shoes. I realised that leggings was the in thing this spring/ summer, everyone is wearing it. Today i decided to invest in one for outing purposes, i got a nice lime green top sort of sweater looking but the sleves are long but has this opening with buttons all the way down, it’s so frecking sexy.. All i gotta do is hook it up with some drop dead accessories… I need you to come to NY to help redo my wardrobe so i can be one hot MILF.. LOL LOL..great jobs hun.. keep it coming…

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