Sizzling Summer Sunglasses

20 Jul

Hi y’all,

Sunglasses are the Summer’s must-have accessory. Besides protecting our eyes from the sun and its harmful UV rays, sunglasses are the Summer statement accessory. Whether you prefer high end brands or the most reasonably priced, I’ll make finding the right pair effortless.

Sunglasses should be selected according to a couple factors. One of the most important is the face shape and another is the style you wish to rock to complement your outfits.

It’s all in the face…

Round face: Full cheeks and a curved jaw line call for frames with a contrasting angular shape. Boxy (square but slightly rounded, not sharp) plastic or metal pairs in a size that won’t overtake your face always work. Try frames in a deep color such as black or tortoise which will flatter the features of your face.

Triangular face: If you have a broad forehead and a narrow chin, choose sunglasses thin rims and vertical lines. Light metal frames that are wider on the top than on the bottom, like aviators, are just right!

Square face: Slightly curved frames with the top high enough on the face are a perfect fit. This tends to downplay a strong jaw line. Aviators are best.

Oval face: If your face is long and lean, opt for frames that accentuate its width. Heavy plastic wraparounds and sunglasses with oversize,
geometric lenses balance oblong features flawlessly. Avoid John Lennon–style frames.

Lots of styles to choose from…

Oversized Sunglasses: Bigger frames are still in style today and they seem to be getting bigger every year. They are a great way to hide a no-make up day and will protect you from the blazing sun. Carefully select a frame that wouldn’t swallow your face. This is a great style for adding glamour to an ordinary outfit.  Women with round faces may worry that oversized shades will draw unwanted attention to their faces, but this
style is rather flattering and adds a hint of style.  If the oversized style is too daring for you, try butterfly-shaped frames. This is a great medium between circular and square extra-large frames.


Cat-Eye Sunglasses: This is really popular this Summer season. These frames are wider at the top than they are at the bottom and are making a huge comeback from the 50’s. This is an all time classic and will stay current for the next few years. This style looks great on most face shapes but is perfect for round faces.


Aviators: This style screams “HOT!” and you don’t have to be a pilot to wear it. Aviators look great on square faces, but that’s doesn’t mean round-faced women can’t wear them. Round-faced women should try a wider-set pair with straighter edges.


John Lennon Sunglasses: Although these frames have been dormant for a few decades, it is slowly creeping back into our everyday wear. The Beatle’s singer inspired many designers to bring back this retro look. They accessorize a summer dress and make a statement when included with a casual look. These frames are perfect for square faces due to the round shape which balances and softens the face. Round faces should avoid this trend.


Wayfarer: This is the absolute classic. This style was first designed by Ray-Ban in the 50’s and was the first plastic sunglasses ever made. They were made popular by Audrey Hepburn in 1961 in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and continue to be a staple in today’s fashion. This style comes in a range of colors and prints.


Edgy Sunglasses: If you’re willing to take a bit of a risk this is ideal for you. Be daring and don’t be afraid to try these extra ordinary fab styles.

Printed Frames: Spice up your collection by adding printed frames.


For lens colors…

Black is a classic shade that will never go out of style. Other hues to try are grey and brown. It’s best to stay away from neon shades.

Just for the guys…..

The world of men’s sunglasses is always evolving. Here are a few trends for men’s sunglasses for the coming year:

Thick frames: These are becoming more popular. Thick frames can help to add attention to the sunglasses. They may also be used to create a shield between the eyes and the natural light.

Heavy bridge: This is big for men frames in 2011. This is probably one of distinguishing elements on men-only frames. And even with unisex being so big this year, these frames won’t look good on many women, so men got something for themselves. Look for heavy bridge when shopping for men sunglasses.

If you’re unsure of what looks right wayfarers are a safe choice but it’s slowly making way for more retro styles so slowly make your way to other varieties.

Sunglasses this summer are all about having fun while embracing your inner celebrity ego! Experiment with a number of different styles to find your ideal pair and remember to wear your chosen set with your best accessory…CONFIDENCE!

Warning: When you buy a pair of sunglasses, do make sure to check that they offer 100% protection against the sun’s UV rays, as not all the cheaper models do. Because the sunglasses cause your pupils to widen as they do in the dark, cheap sunglasses can cause huge amounts of UV radiation to enter your eyes, therefore doing much more harm than good.

Thanks guys for all the sexyfab pics!!!!!!!




2 Responses to “Sizzling Summer Sunglasses”

  1. AdorableA July 22, 2011 at 1:01 am #

    Oval shape people kill aviator frames. I loveeeeee sunglasses i think splurging on a good pair is essential


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