Just for Men…Part 2

1 Aug

Hello Guys!

After business comes pleasure! Summer 2011 shirts are fun, bold and daring. Many of the new trends lend aspects from women’s fashion. As with all trends it’s important to follow those which suit your personality.

The Denim Shirt

Denim has been in fashion for long time so it’s no surprise that this trend is the number one item for a guy to wear this Summer. This could be worn at any occasion ranging from formal to as informal as a back yard gathering. Denim shirts match perfectly with brown trousers. Throw in a brown leather belt and shoes, turn up the sleeves and you have the ideal casual wear.  If you choose to do denim on denim, ensure that the shirt stands out. To achieve this, color contrast with a light blue wash shirt, whilst keeping the jeans in a very dark indigo.


The Plain White Shirt

This is a basic item that every man should have in his wardrobe. This is so versatile that is could be worn with jeans, dress shorts or Bermuda shorts. Choose a thick cotton, crew neck shirt to avoid looking like you’re wearing your under garment.

Military Shirt

Instead of wearing a shirt which is twice your size to create the illusion if being bigger, try a military shirt. The epaulets make shoulders look bigger and the front pockets make the chest more prominent, so wear your size! Don’t think that this look is only available in olive. This Summer is all about bright colors so try any color which you may wish to add to your collection. Military shirts can either be worn tucked inside the pants or untucked depending on how loosely it fits.


Gingham Shirt

Another popular clothing items for this Summer is the gingham shirt. This classic check-board pattern stirs up memories of picnics in the park. There are many color combinations, but to maintain a classic look stick to blue on white.  Wear this with dark indigo wash jeans. To achieve the preppy look, keep the shirt tucked in, with bold colored shorts above the knees and a comfortable pair of huaraches loafers.


Summer Sweater

This is just another way of saying “cardigan”. Wear this in the evenings as a substitute for a jacket. Breathable fabrics such as cotton and cashmere will not overheat in warm temperatures but will help keep you cozy on cool rainy evenings.


Floral Print Shirts

One hot trend that has emerged this Summer is floral patterns. This trend borrows from women’s fashion. If you are daring enough for this trend, select large flower prints and keep it simple.

Fashion Icon Kanye West in Floral Print




Sheer Shirts

If you think this trend is only limited to women, then you’re absolutely wrong! Men are putting a twist to this and making it the new must have item. Choose a thicker less transparent fabric if you wish to wear this trend without looking too feminine or displaying your body.


Your shirt should  properly suit the occasion while complimenting your appearance. Choose a trend which matches your personality so
that your outfit looks effortless while staying true to the meaning of sexyfab!


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