Just for Men…Part 4

5 Aug

The man’s shoes should complete his look. Remain trendy by following this Summer 2011 must-haves!


These shoes were made popular by Toms, a charitable organization which donates one pair of shoes to a needy child with every shoes purchased. They are easy to slip on when running quick errands. These shoes are very comfortable and create a casual, relaxed look.



It’s all about suede this Summer! Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors! Bright green and blue suede shoes provide an option for those seeking a unique look. If you wish to add a bit of color without going all the way, try a multicolored soled shoes. This is a more subtle way of  adding the element of risk to an outfit.


High Soled Shoes/ Elevator Shoes

This popular trend is ideal for those men who wish to add a few inches to their height.

Huarache Loafers

These woven leather sandals expose only a bit of skin while still keeping you cool and comfortable. These are a far more classy and manly choice than wearing flip flops. My Dad recently bought a pair of this:

Oxford Shoes

These are always a classic alternative. It’s a wise decision to invest in a pair of Oxfords as these will always remain a staple in fashion.


Retro Sneakers

If you choose to stick with the conventional, this is always an option. Retro sneakers remain trendy all year round and are very versatile.


Fashion No-No:

Socks and sandals! It’s either one or the other, NOT BOTH!


Bonus fashion tips for men coming next…


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