Just for Men…Bonus

8 Aug

Hi Guys

You can’t complete an outfit without accessories hence, my decision to conclude this series with a bonus. Here are the latest trends for finishing your Summer outfits:


The Fedora has been around for quite a while now. Try this in straw as it allows air to circulate around the head keeping you cooler during the hot summer days. The Baseball Cap will always be in style. Invest in a few different colors but always ensure that they are the proper fit.



See my previous post, Sizzling Summer Sunglasses.

Skinny ties for skinny guys:

This looks best on skinny frames. Bulky guys should stay away from ties that are less than three inches in width. When wearing this, stay away from shirts with thick collars. Skinny ties are meant to create a slick, sophisticated look. This tie should hang a couple of inches above your belt buckle.



The Woven belt is a must have item. They come in different materials so don’t hesitate to purchase it in materials other than leather. Another belt trend is the Canvas Belt. This is perfect for a casual outfit.



Don’t be afraid to rock this new trend. Men bags come in many forms.  The Travel Bag is a must for men who are always on the go. The Messenger Bag is a fashion classic. The long straps allow you to where it across the body, which is a more masculine look. The Backpack isn’t just for school. For a chic look try this in leather.



I hope that my Just for Men series has been helpful when dressing sexyfab for these hot Summer days!!!

Feel free to leave your comments, questions or any suggestions for upcoming topics.


One Response to “Just for Men…Bonus”

  1. Nyla August 8, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

    If i had a man, i’d totally refer him to your blog #goodstuff keep ’em coming!

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