I.M.S. “Simply Unrivaled” Fashion Show

18 Nov

The International Model Society featured the talents of three young and artistic designers in its Spring 2012 fashion show “Simply Unrivaled”. I.M.S. masters the fusion of haute couture and a touch of cultural flare. “Simply Unrivaled” showcased the sexyfabchic designs of Mykal Chu, Adrianne Smith-Munroe and Bernard Moore.

The show began with the glamorous jewelry line by Adrianne Smith-Munroe of Pink Velvet Designs. Known for its sophisticated hand-crafted pieces, Pink Velvet Designs goes way beyond the norm and commands attention even when featured with lingerie. Take a look just a few of these pieces:

Pink Velvet Designs

Mykal Chu, a young talented designer from Louisiana displayed his creative line. He expresses art by combining softness and sexy edginess.

Mykal Chu

I had the pleasure of meeting Bernard Moore of BathHouse Swimwear Inc. This well-known brand has been tied to celebrities such as Lisa Raye, Nelly and TI.

Bernard Moore

Special Thanks…

My fellow I.M.S. Executive Board Members:

Meyakel Luke

Kurlyn Honore

Amanda Beaton

Courtney Heard

Sherlana Ernest

Photo Credit: Beem Photography


I.M.S. “Simply Unrivaled” Fashion Show

14 Nov

The International Model Society (I.M.S.) is a small organization at Grambling State University which uses the diversity of the students to promote fashion.

This year’s fashion show entitled “Simply Unrivaled” will feature young and talented designers with chic designs and will provide them the opportunity to exhibit their ready-to-wear and avant-garde collections.

Look out for my coverage of International Model Society “Simply Unrivaled” Fashion Show!

I missed this…

8 Nov

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The Hidden Truth…Revelations

12 Aug

Underwear is a key wardrobe item and is just as important as your outerwear. With so many styles to choose from, buying the right underwear could seem overwhelming.  It’s important to choose underwear which flatters, and allows you to look and feel sexyfab!

The three common types of women’s underwear are:

  1. Panties
  2. Bras
  3. Stockings or socks

I believe that a woman could never have too many panties. Fortunately, fashion is not limited to just outerwear, so there are lots of different styles and trends to choose from. Panties are categorized according to the cut, the amount of rear coverage, the width of the side bands and also by the height at which it is worn.

Here are a few of the popular styles. Add MANY of each category to your collection.

Briefs (commonly known as “granny panties”) are the most traditional and tend to rise to the waist or just below the navel. This style offers full rear coverage and for that reason a proper fit is important. If the size is too big then you may get sagging in the back. This should not be worn if you wish to avoid a visible panty line or when wearing a low-rise pants. They are a popular choice for women while sleeping since they provide great comfort.  Boy shorts (a tighter version of the brief with material extending to the legs) and body shaping underwear (usually made of spandex and contours the body) also fall into this category.

Women's Brief


Women's Boy Shorts


Women's Body Shaping Underwear

Bikini panties are ideal for providing coverage and sex appeal. They are worn at the hips with narrow waist bands. The string bikini is very similar, with the exception of that the side straps which are very thin, hence the name “string bikini”.

Bikini Panty


String Bikini Panty

Tangas are cut high in the back revealing a lot more of the cheeks. They are low-rise and gently dip to a “V” at the front. The side bands are wide and in addition to being comfortable, these panties are rather flattering to the hip area.


Thongs are similar to the string bikinis with less rear coverage. This completely eliminates panty lines since there is only a very narrow strip of fabric which fits between the butt cheeks.


If you wish to get even less coverage than that of the thong, opt for the G-string. This is basically a thong made almost entirely of string. G-strings look uncomfortable to wear, but once the right size is chosen, it is surprisingly quite the opposite.

G-String Panty

Women panties come in an assortment of colors and designs. The color you choose depends on your personal preference. Avoid wearing white
or colorful print panties under white pants or skirts, instead go for solid black.

Panties are made of a variety of fabrics and material including cotton, silk, nylon, lycra and polyester. Cotton is always the best choice since it is breathable and washes well.

Choose the best panty depending on your ensemble (AVOID PANTY LINES) and always remember that your panty should be your hidden truth to being sexyfab!

On my next post, I will provide guidelines on selecting the perfect bra for by creating lift while improving your posture and boosting your self-confidence!

The Hidden Truth

10 Aug

Dear Readers,

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU your continued support! I’m very grateful for your comments, questions and suggestions.

In an effort to please both my male and female readers, I have decided to focus my next couple blog posts on a topic that will surely interest both groups…UNDERWEAR!

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Just for Men…Bonus

8 Aug

Hi Guys

You can’t complete an outfit without accessories hence, my decision to conclude this series with a bonus. Here are the latest trends for finishing your Summer outfits:


The Fedora has been around for quite a while now. Try this in straw as it allows air to circulate around the head keeping you cooler during the hot summer days. The Baseball Cap will always be in style. Invest in a few different colors but always ensure that they are the proper fit.



See my previous post, Sizzling Summer Sunglasses.

Skinny ties for skinny guys:

This looks best on skinny frames. Bulky guys should stay away from ties that are less than three inches in width. When wearing this, stay away from shirts with thick collars. Skinny ties are meant to create a slick, sophisticated look. This tie should hang a couple of inches above your belt buckle.



The Woven belt is a must have item. They come in different materials so don’t hesitate to purchase it in materials other than leather. Another belt trend is the Canvas Belt. This is perfect for a casual outfit.



Don’t be afraid to rock this new trend. Men bags come in many forms.  The Travel Bag is a must for men who are always on the go. The Messenger Bag is a fashion classic. The long straps allow you to where it across the body, which is a more masculine look. The Backpack isn’t just for school. For a chic look try this in leather.



I hope that my Just for Men series has been helpful when dressing sexyfab for these hot Summer days!!!

Feel free to leave your comments, questions or any suggestions for upcoming topics.

Just for Men…Part 4

5 Aug

The man’s shoes should complete his look. Remain trendy by following this Summer 2011 must-haves!


These shoes were made popular by Toms, a charitable organization which donates one pair of shoes to a needy child with every shoes purchased. They are easy to slip on when running quick errands. These shoes are very comfortable and create a casual, relaxed look.



It’s all about suede this Summer! Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors! Bright green and blue suede shoes provide an option for those seeking a unique look. If you wish to add a bit of color without going all the way, try a multicolored soled shoes. This is a more subtle way of  adding the element of risk to an outfit.


High Soled Shoes/ Elevator Shoes

This popular trend is ideal for those men who wish to add a few inches to their height.

Huarache Loafers

These woven leather sandals expose only a bit of skin while still keeping you cool and comfortable. These are a far more classy and manly choice than wearing flip flops. My Dad recently bought a pair of this:

Oxford Shoes

These are always a classic alternative. It’s a wise decision to invest in a pair of Oxfords as these will always remain a staple in fashion.


Retro Sneakers

If you choose to stick with the conventional, this is always an option. Retro sneakers remain trendy all year round and are very versatile.


Fashion No-No:

Socks and sandals! It’s either one or the other, NOT BOTH!


Bonus fashion tips for men coming next…