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My SexyFAB Pic of the Day

24 Nov

This is an old school picture of Rihanna when she initially launched her perfume Reb’l Fleur. It has always stood out in my mind. This look is fun and flirty.

What do you think?


Simply Nail It!

25 Jul

Hi All!!!

Summer is here and this means that it’s time to experiment with the best and least expensive fashion accessory…nail polish. This is an inexpensive way to infuse the hottest color trends of the  season into your wardrobe. This Summer there are many styles so find the one
which best suits your personality.

Whether you choose to beautify your natural nails or opt for acrylic these trends will definitely add variety to your look.

The traditional square nail trend is slowly being replaced by the pointy stiletto nail. This is a daring look and attracts a lot of attention. It elongates the fingers so it’s perfect for short fingers. Avoid wearing black for this look, instead try neutral tones.


Hot Hues:


Blue nail polish is hot for this Summer season. It is easy to find a shade that works for you since this trend is not limited to a certain shade. Sky-blue nails would be perfect for the beach however try a midnight or dark navy for a dramatic evening look.


Bright Orange

This trend is meant to be loud and bold. Bright neon orange nail polish instantly adds energy to any outfit. Try a reddish-orange hue to remain in style this season.


Light Pink

This is a classic choice. It gives a hint of femininity. Opaque light pink nail polish is very versatile and is a must-have this Summer.



Gold is making a comeback this season. This color acts like jewelry for your nails by bringing a hint of class to your fingertips. If you don’t wish to go all the way, paint a chunky gold glitter top coat over of your favorite polishes.



This color goes perfect with Summer. Yellow is one of the happiest hues in the color spectrum. It radiates optimism and bliss. Layer on a creamy yellow hue until it’s opaque or go sheer, jelly-like finish.



This is one of the newest trends this year. Crackle nail polish creates a shatter effect as it dries on your nails. It will crack and split as it dries and creates a different design each time it is applied.


Reverse French Manicure

The trendy reverse French manicure puts a spin on the traditional French manicure which is when the nails are a pink or tan shade and the tips are bright white. The reverse French manicure uses a light color for the majority of the nail and a different color at the tip, either brighter or darker. This breaks the monotony of the much-used French manicure.


French Manicure

You can never go wrong with this look. This look will never go out of style. It’s conventional and gives sexyfabchic appearance that is neither flashy nor flamboyant.


Ensure that whichever color or design you decide to wear sport on your finger nails matches your toes. This gives an appearance of consistency and uniformity.